Baba Marimba World Beat Dance Band™ plays music filled with energy and joy. 
Musicians from left to right: Joe Townend, Andrea Eckhardt, Mark Holdaway, Heidi Wilson, Martin Tiernan, 
Robert “Swami” Peizer and Mike Ankomeus.


Hi Baba fans, 

So grateful for you all... we got a great response and a boatload of new followers from our first release, "Can't Stop." It's consistently one of our top requests, as well as a band favorite. Based on your reaction, we're going to write a few more tunes like it - can't stop lol. 

We're ready to release our second recording, called "Marsha." The name is a play on the term “marcha,” a family of Latin rhythms. A world-renowned Cuban percussionist named Miguel “Anga" Diaz arranged a version of this marcha for five congas (no mean feat). Anga played with the Cuban super band Irakere, which was a seminal musical laboratory famous for innovations in both Afro-Cuban jazz and Cuban popular dance music. 

Swami loved this rhythm and taught himself a version on four drums: 3 congas and a djembe - one of his contributions to World Beat innovation. He played the rhythm for drummer Martin one day, and then for bassist, songwriter and arranger Joe (we call him "Quincy Joe") - and "Marsha" was born. 

Joe is well-known for writing juicy "hooks," and so the song begins and ends with some irresistible ear candy. We really enjoy playing this song as it thoroughly captures our World Beat Jazz feel, as well as showcasing our dynamic rhythm section. More cowbell, anyone? 

We're continuing to record new material, we've learned so much about the process and invested in next-level equipment to help us sound better all the time. Again, we are so grateful for your support, which has made everything possible. 

Above is a free download of Marsha  - enjoy!

 Baba Marimba

Mark Quote

When people come to our shows, it’s a bit like playing dress up – each song is a piece from a different part of the world, and the women and men play at putting on a different demeanor, a different persona. And then they cut loose! It is wonderful to be playing this music for folks who are having so much fun! – Mark Holdaway, Baba Marimba guitarist” - Mark Holdaway, Baba Marimba guitarist

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