Baba Marimba World Beat Fusion™ plays music filled with energy and joy. 
Musicians from left to right: Joe Townend, Andrea Eckhardt, Mark Holdaway, Heidi Wilson, Martin Tiernan, 
Robert “Swami” Peizer and Mike Ankomeus.

DrumUpForPeace all day September 30, we play at 7pm at John F. Kennedy Park, they've put together a great show for a worthy cause.

Hey y'all here are some more upcoming gigs, be sure to SAVE THE DATES!

Tucson Meet Yourself, Sunday, 10/15/23 from 12:45-1:45pm
They’re still putting the details together but we’ll be there!

Monterey Court, Saturday, 12/2/23, 7-10pm

Oro Valley Concert Series, Thursday, 4/11/24, 6-7:30pm


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When people come to our shows, it’s a bit like playing dress up – each song is a piece from a different part of the world, and the women and men play at putting on a different demeanor, a different persona. And then they cut loose! It is wonderful to be playing this music for folks who are having so much fun!” - Mark Holdaway, Baba Marimba guitarist

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