Baba Marimba is a hot new world beat dance band in Tucson, Arizona. Baba Marimba is all about joy and movement. Baba Marimba plays African, Middle Eastern, Cuban, Brazilian, World Beat and originals that make you jump out of your chair and dance!

Baba Marimba

When people come to our shows, it's a bit like playing dress up - each song is a dance piece from a different part of the world, and the women and men play at putting on a different demeanor, a different persona. And then they cut loose! It is wonderful to be playing this music for folks who are having so much fun! —Mark Holdaway, Baba Marimba guitarist

Read Tucson Weekly review of our CD Tangos de los Muertos.

Baba Marimba's new CD: Tango de los Muertos
Baba Marimba's CD, Tango de los Muertos

"LOVE your new CD! It arrived after a grim day at work and I had the disk in my CD player even before I took off my back pack. Before I knew what was happening I was dancing around the house. The last song, "So Beautiful" certainly is and I love Heidi's voice, hoping to hear more of her on future disks. Please keep the disks coming, your music is so happy, that is all I want to listen to anymore!" —Susan H.

Lotsa people love to find oneness with Baba Marimba... We'll invite more folks... See ya'll there! —Tom M.

Thank you, Baba Marimba, thank you for playing such amazing music last night. I was transported to a place where every cell in my body smiled and danced delightedly. My heart resonated with the bands beat and burst into bloom! —Alice P.

Baba Marimba performs "Zia" at Manon's Birthday Party June 2020.

Baba Marimba performs "Su and Mark Wedding Song" at Manon's Birthday Party June 2020.